Web Design & Branding for Lisalio

We were asked to create a new brand and e-commerce website for a Worthing based business that were doing well in selling luxury hand bags and fashion accessories. They really wanted to stand out and promote their African culture through the brand and website.

Web design, e-commerce and branding project introduction - Lisalio

A new brand and matching identity needs to be created

The new e-commerce website needs push products and look stylish

The product photography needs to look great

E-commerce web design project screenshot

Brand Name Creation

This business was a completely new start-up, when they got in touch they didn’t even have a name! They asked us to work with them to create and launch their new online business. We started with the brand name and used various techniques to come up with a selection of brand names that were relevant to the business, its owners and their background. After spending some time working through different brand names, we managed to find a direction that simply made our client happy. After running all of the essential checks on a new brand name they made their decision and Lisalio was born!

E-commerce web design project screenshot

E-Commerce Web Design

Lisalio had a passion for luxury fashion, that had to be reflected in the web design. It had to feel premium to accurately reflect the quality of the products and help generate a feeling of trust. Lisalio is a brand with African roots; you can see it in the product and our goal was to make it so that people could feel it in the brand and throughout the website. We had to combine the minimal and elegant visual styles of luxury western fashion brands with the powerful, raw energy of Africa – it wasn’t easy! Working closely with colour was key, too much and we would lose the premium and luxury feel we were aiming for. We were keen to experiment with new ideas on how to help people find what they were looking for, so we built a product search assistant into the home page, helping people to find what they want quickly by allowing them to search a type of item within a specific price range.

E-commerce web design project - product photography
Graphic design and print - project mockup

Brand Creation

During the brand creation stage we settled on a mission statement for the new brand. Luxury handbags and fashion with a hint of Africa. We worked enthusiastically to help promote that particular theme across all of the brand identities. We were really please with how it all came out, more importantly, so was the client!

Graphic design and print - project mockup

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