Graphic Design & Branding for Sussex Day

Sussex Day had a long break, but a dedicated group of locals wanted to bring it back, with a bang. The organisers were keen to establish a brand identity that was fresh and exciting, something that people of all ages could get involved with.

Branding and graphic design project introduction - Sussex Day

The brand needs to look modern, fresh and exciting

It has to look unique when compared with other county events

It needs to represent Sussex and what it’s known for in some way

Branding and stationery design - project mockup

Branding & Identity Design

It was explained to us very early on that we absolutely had to tackle the issue of people making the wrong assumptions about the event. They didn’t want Sussex Day to be seen as running a boring and out-dated type of event which had a limited, and predictable, range of activities that were clearly targeted at those in their 40s, 50s and 60s. In order to make this event succeed they realised they needed to make it an enjoyable day out for the whole family. We had to make sure that this brand made it clear Sussex Day was coming, it was going to be fresh, something different and something that everyone could attend.

Branding and stationery design - project mockup

Concept Design & Exploration

We spent time coming up with several different concepts and exploring ideas that represented Sussex Day for what it was. We had a lot of fun discussing how each brand mark made people feel, what it meant to them and what people felt was being promoted.

Sussex Day – Flag Concept

Because of the large physical presence of Sussex Day, and being representative of the entire county, we developed an idea that focused on using its own flag to grab peoples attention and stand out. Large flags could be flown to signal the participation of Sussex Day, allowing for the brand and the event to be recognised easily at a distance. It was an interesting concept and we’re sad it wasn’t chosen!

Branding and logo design - concept variations

Bold. Bright. Modern.

The Sussex Day brand was very likely going to be seen in a busy environment with many distractions. We had to make sure that people could still identify the brand whilst making sure that it didn’t completely over power everything else. To acheive this we made good use of strong and vibrant colours against an always white or light background.

Branding and stationery design - project mockup
Branding and stationery design - project mockup