Want to Know More About our Web Design, Branding & Other Services?

There are many questions in life, especially when it comes to business. We can't answer all of them but we can certainly fill you in on how we run things around here.

  • General Questions on How we Work

  • Can you create a brand, build a website and help us grow the business?


    Our core focus is helping people launch successful businesses. That means working closely with clients to create a strong brand, build an engaging website and put together a long term digital marketing strategy to help promote what they do to the right people.

    Our goal is to remove the complications and delays when working with lots of different people by providing you with a single point of contact and a reliable set of services.

  • Do you outsource any of the work you do?

    Yes and no.

    We're a small team, so from time to we do get help from trusted partners to ensure everything gets done on time and properly. At least 85% of the work we carry out is completed internally.

    The people that we work with are trusted professionals, we don't (and will never) work with anyone before thoroughly vetting them beforehand. Whether it's a client or a remote colleague, we're always trying to build long term relationships.

  • Do you accept every client who gets in touch?


    Whilst we've put a lot of effort into being flexible, so that we can work with as many different types of people as possible, sometimes we can tell things just aren't going to work out. If we send a proposal it's because we've determined that you're likely a great client to work with.

    We believe in forging long term partnerships with clients, so trust, reliability and respect are important. If those values aren't important to both sides, it can be really difficult to achieve great things together.

  • What type of clients do you work with best?

    It doesn't really matter what our clients do, we care more about how they do things.

    The type of people we work best with are those who want to do things properly. Cutting corners isn't our style.

    Project size and budget aren't the most important things to us either. Whether you want to run the best burger van in the country or you're trying to launch the next Google, as long as you're passionate about what you do, we'd love to work with you.

  • We're not based in Worthing, can you still work with us?

    We most certainly can.

    We've worked with clients all over the world, from the US, Japan, Dubai and London to Worthing, Shoreham, Littlehampton and Brighton. If you're happy to work with us, we're happy to work with you.

    We've become really good at managing projects remotely and actually, if the project is big enough, we'll come to you. Even if you're on the other side of the world!

  • Do you use contracts?


    We use a contract for all new web, branding and digital marketing projects.

    We call our contract a Project Agreement, as it's more about defining what our agreement is, what work is involved and what's expected of each other. It's designed to protect both sides, not just us.

  • How do you handle meetings?

    It really depends on the size of the project, how much face time you need and whether you're happy to come to us or not.

    For smaller projects within 20 miles of Worthing we tend to include 2 - 3 face to face meetings. Throughout the project we schedule a greater number of Skype meetings to discuss progress and listen to any feedback you have for us.

    For larger projects, or where we are further than 20 miles from the client, we handle meetings on a case by case basis. We'll never say no to having a physical meeting, but obviously the additional costs and time need to be covered in the budget.

  • What happens when we ask for a quote/proposal?

    Before we send a quote or proposal we need to know exactly what you're trying to achieve.

    We'll need to have a chat with you to determine your budget (or at least a minimum and maximum range), what you need, what goals you're trying to accomplish and how much work you actually need.

    Without this information you're forcing us to guess at how much we should be charging.

    If you just need a rough idea of costs, just get in touch or check out our pricing page for more information.

  • We have no idea how much we should be spending, can you help?

    We'd love to help you.

    We're always happy to help people understand the work we do, what we can do for their business and how much it's likely to cost. If you haven't already, take a look at our pricing page to learn about the costs involved.

    Even if you don't know what costs are involved, you should at least know roughly how much money you're looking to invest.

  • What if we don't want to tell you what our budget is?

    Without knowing your budget you're forcing us to guess at how much you want to spend.

    It's not a great strategy because you'll just end up with a lot of proposals that are way outside what you were hoping to spend. There are as many different ways to build websites and brands as there ways to build cars.

    We don't need an exact number, but the least we'll need is a budget range outlining the minimum and maximum you want to spend. Typical budget ranges vary between £1k, 5k, £10k and £25k. We don't want to waste your time by showing you a Ford when you actually want a Jaguar - or the other way around.

  • Someone offered to do the work for less, can you reduce your price?

    Cutting our price means spending less time on your project.

    The only way to reduce our price is to spend less time on your project. We are always happy to help clients figure out what's most important for them to get done first. We compete on quality of work, not the cost of our services.

    Instead of just looking at the price, find out what you're getting for your money from everyone you've asked. Ask about the features they'll include so that you can compare those instead of a number that may not reflect the level of service you'll receive at all.

  • Can you start straight away?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    We're always prepared to help our clients out, even if it means working through the night to make sure a client's rush order is completed on time. However, we have to prioritise work from clients who schedule their work at least three weeks in advance.

    We might be available at the time, we might not be. The best thing to do is get in touch and see if we have any availability. We always recommend speaking to someone as soon as possible, because rush projects are always more stressful.

  • Web Design & Development

  • Do we actually need a website?

    That depends, do you care about growing your business?

    Many businesses end up being carbon copies of the competitors. Take restaurants for example, most of them just sell meals, but that's the point of a restaurant right? What if the owner has a vision and that vision is to help people eat healthily? All of a sudden you're going from the owner of a small restaurant to someone like Jamie Oliver, with TV shows, recipes, books, community programs, a chain of restaurants and a whole lot more. You might not like him, but you can't deny his success.

    If you don't have a vision or any great desire to change the world in some small (or large) way then that's cool. No one's judging you. However, truly successful businesses don't see their website as just a website. They use it to share the vision they have and what they're doing with people who care, that want to buy in to whatever services or products they provide.

    For those that are interested in achieving more, we can work with you to seek out new opportunities, find new ways of making money, help more people, solve new problems and anything else you might want to achieve.

  • Should we get a new website or upgrade the old one?

    That usually depends on how old your website is and how well it was originally built.

    Without looking at your website, it's impossible for us to say. However, what tends to be the case is that if your website is more than two years old and you paid less than £1,500 for it, there's a very high chance you'll want to replace it with a new one.

    Older and cheaper websites are usually built on themes and use a lot of plugins. Over time, things get a bit messy. Site security is compromised (making it easier to be hacked), everything gets a bit slower and the time it takes to make sure everything is working properly increases the older it is. If you care about ranking highly in search engines then it's important to speak to a professional web designer about whether your website is fit for purpose.

  • How much does a website cost to build?

    Prices start at £750, we recommend a budget of at least £2,000 to get started properly.

    The websites we develop are built to generate sales, increase the number of enquiries, help screen unwanted enquiries, rank highly in search engines and a lot more. This all results in a website that becomes a valuable asset to your business and that's how we help our clients improve their businesses.

    Assuming you've got a great brand in place already, (if not then we can help you with that too), the first stage is to build a new website that looks great and is easy to upgrade. Once we launch your new site, we'll look to start a second phase with you that focuses on making your website do even more for your business. Some of the things we cover are: getting your site to rank higher in search engines, decreasing the number of people that leave your site after viewing one page, increasing the amount of time people spend on your site and generating more sales or enquiries.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    Depending on the size of the project, 1 - 5 months usually.

    Smaller websites without any advanced features or bespoke design usually take 1 0 2 months. The more you want in one go, the longer it takes to plan, design, develop and test it all. The main cause for delays are clients not submitting site content before the deadline.

    Being responsible for the content of a new website can take up as much time as a part time job. Even when working closely with clients on content, it takes time to extract the right information about your business and create a design that clearly communicates the value your business can offer.

  • We don't know what we want or how websites work, can you help?


    It can be hard if it's your first time working with web designers, but we've got you covered. We are more than happy to spend time with you to help you understand the processes involved and how professional web design services can you help your business to succeed.

    We can figure out your long terms goals together and we'll advise you on the most cost effective ways of achieving them. We'll cover what's expected of you, how long things will take and anything else that you might need to know.

  • Can you help us create good content for our new website?

    We sure can.

    Whether it's your first website or your tenth, chances are that writing and designing great content isn't what you do for a living. Even if it is, there are a number of SEO and technical factors to consider.

    All of our web projects include several content planning sessions where we work with you to figure out the purpose of every new page on your website and exactly what content should go on them.

  • Can you tell us about hidden or extra costs?

    Why, certainly.

    For web projects we always work with fixed prices, so when we give you a proposal and agree on a price, that doesn't change unless you want to add something else on to the project. We'll also never carry out work without discussing with you in full detail beforehand.

    The only other costs you need to consider are for domain names and web hosting. We can manage all of this for you, registering domains names under your name, on your own account.

  • Is it easy to make changes to the site after launch?

    Yes, it most certainly is.

    Before we begin building your website we'll work with you to understand what content you'll want to edit and how. Using this information we use a content editing system that is tailored to your specific needs. What's great is that you don't need any technical knowledge at all.

    We guarantee that with every web project, a designated member of your team will have complete confidence in how to use the site. We also include two remote one hour training sessions and unlimited email training for one month after launch. On-site training and training for additional team members is available, but will incur additional costs.

  • Do you build WordPress sites?

    Yes. In fact, we usually only build WordPress sites.

    WordPress is simply one of the best systems we've ever used. We know that some people still think it's a poor man's version of various alternatives - but we know they're wrong. It's an incredibly flexible system that's used by sole traders, fortune 500 companies and everyone in between.

    Whilst we can work with other systems, it's usually as part of a longer migration process to WordPress. Everything we learn about is to do with WordPress and we've gotten really good at building sites with it. We'd rather be great with one system than okay with many.

  • Isn't WordPress rubbish/low end/insecure/only for blogs?

    Without a shadow of a doubt, no.

    WordPess, unlike most other Content Management Systems (CMS), is so flexible that it can be used by almost anyone. That includes clients, people who don't have a clue what they're doing and professionals who know the system like the back of their hand.

    From fortune 500 companies to leading global organisations and about 27% of all CMS websites ever built, everyone is using it. Dismissing WordPress is a mistake. If you still think WordPress is rubbish, you've either been working with a really bad web designer, not had a decent WordPress website built in the last five years or your turnover is in the 8 or 9 figure category.

  • Will you provide training for our new website?


    In the early stages of the project we'll work with you to understand what type of content is going to be used throughout the site, who will be updating it and how they will want to be able to change it. We show you how to use each feature and two free one hour training sessions can be requested at any time. Further email support is free for one month after site launch.

    The amount of training we provide scales with the size of the project, at no additional cost, however our training can be extended for additional team members or to provide on-site training.

  • Do the sites you build look good on mobiles and tablets?

    They do indeed.

    Every site we build is optimised for smaller devices, even for our smallest and most basic web projects. Depending on the size of your project, we can invest more time into this, it's really the difference between having a good mobile/tablet experience and a great one.

    There's a lot more we can do than simple re-styling, such as loading smaller image files for mobile devices which makes the web page load faster. We can help you figure out what's important to you and your site users and what can be looked at in at a later date.

  • Will it be easy for people to find my new website in Google and other search engines?

    Only if you have enough good content.

    Some of our clients operate in spaces where competition is minimal and it's easy to rank for key words and phrases. Other industries are very difficult to break into, especially with a brand new website on a new domain. If you opt for the cheapest web design package you can find, it's unlikely that anyone will get your site ranking highly. Don't listen to anyone that claims they can get your site to number one in a matter of weeks, they're lying.

    Part of our commitment to on-going relationships with clients is about working with them to enhance the online presence of their business and improving both their website and business over time

  • What should we do about web hosting or domain names?

    Talk to us before you sort that out.

    It's really important to make sure that you get decent web hosting. For the amount of hassle that's involved in dealing with poor support, it's honestly not worth dealing with the cheapest hosting companies. We know because we used to be in that position and many of our clients switched to us for this reason. We provide highly reliable and effective web hosting services at affordable prices, so just take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

    There are a lot of outdated domain providers out there who's systems are very limiting and can cause complications if you sign up with a particularly bad one. They may also be charging you a lot more than you should.

  • Branding & Graphic Design

  • Brands and logos, what's the difference and which one do we need?

    Brands are for companies that have a lot to say and many different places to say it.

    Many business owners mistakenly thing they have a brand. Essentially, a brand is a set of guidelines that determine how a business entity looks, behaves, communicates and acts. A brand can cover all of that, or some of it, but it must be consistent.

    A logo is simply one element of a brand, albeit one of the most important ones. If you want to achieve anything online, will be looking at content marketing, social media or anything else that involves communication then you'll almost certainly need a strong brand.

  • How much do you involve clients in the design process?

    A lot.

    We believe that by working closely with clients, the branding project will benefit from our expertise and your knowledge of the business. Without both elements, the chances of creating a great brand are slim to none.

    It doesn't matter if we personally like the design and it shouldn't matter to you either. This isn't about us, it's about the people who spend money with you and what they think looks great. If they don't like it, you're going to lose business. We build strong brands that engage with the right people, and we have the processes and talent to carry out successful brand projects.

  • How do you make sure clients love the design work you deliver?

    By figuring out what the perfect design looks like to clients before we start designing.

    Our branding and general design projects revolve entirely around our discovery process. This is an entire stage of the project that happens before any work is carried out. This is a process we've been developing for over 5 years, so it's pretty reliable.

    Working together, we'll look at and analyse a range of design work similar to what you're looking for. We'll pick them apart, piece by piece and work with you to establish exactly what you need. Many designers skip this stage and jump straight into the design work, which is why they often get it wrong. We've never had a client walk away because the lost faith in our ability to deliver something they like.

  • Can you copy another brand or logo?

    Absolutely not.

    Aside from everything else you've probably heard a millions times before, someone who asks us to outright copy another brand makes it very clear that they don't even understand branding, let alone value it. We couldn't work with someone who doesn't see the benefit of our the services and expertise we provide.

    If the look of your brand doesn't mean anything to you, it's not going to mean anything to anyone else. People aren't going to engage with it, especially if anyone realises you've just copied someone else - and then it's just a case of waiting to hear from their solicitors.

    Taking inspiration from another design is not the same thing. You might like the way a font is used, or how certain colours work together. We can help you figure all of this out and more.

  • When would we create a new brand/logo instead of updating the old one?

    When the direction or purpose of your business experiences change or you realise it no longer reflects what you do.

    If your business has a reputation, good or bad, and you need to change it by doing things differently it's no good just implementing changes and hoping. You need to not only tell people, but show them that you are serious about this.

    If a local restaurant had a reputation for being incredibly average in everything they do, it's probably not going to be around much longer. Imagine walking past this restaurant, feeling hungry, noticing the tired looking signage complete with their £20 logo, suicidal looking staff, and the same, hard to read menus they've had for as long as you can remember. Are you really going to believe they've changed their ways? Nothing says "we've sorted ourselves out, sorry for the wait" like a new brand.

  • What if we disagree on visual styles?

    We accept it and either move on or carry on.

    There's a difference between visual style and design. Design is about solving problems and if a client wants to overrule a design decision that clearly solves a problem then there's a problem. For example, if a business targets 60 - 80 year olds, and they want us to use tiny (barely readable) bright yellow text on a white background, we're going to say hang on a minute, this doesn't make sense.

    It doesn't matter what our personal opinions are on the design, if we're not who your business is trying to target. We really enjoy exploring client concepts and bringing them to life. We would never make situations like this difficult, or refuse to do something, but if our advice is repeatedly ignored then it's going to seem a bit pointless working together.

  • Do you handle print?

    Yes we do.

    We start by helping you figure out what sort of print quality you want. If you are looking for something a bit special then we've got plenty of samples that we can look through together or we'll get some samples sent out to you.

    Once we know what you want we'll source a number of quotes for you, from our trusted print suppliers, to ensure that you get the best price.

  • Fully Managed Hosting for Your Website

  • What's so important about web hosting?

    It's the difference between having peace of mind and craving it.

    We find that many first time site owners are happy to get the cheapest hosting possible. We had a similar attitude with our first ever site. What could go wrong, we said naively. A lot and you won't regret using cheap hosting until it's too late. The worst part is, whatever happens to make you wish you'd paid for a better service, you'll never see it coming.

    From losing all of your emails, e-commerce sales data, the latest upgrades to your site, or even your entire site to being completely removed from (all) search engines and having your site repeatedly taken offline due to hacking - there's a lot to be concerned about.

  • What is managed hosting?

    It's about ensuring that you don't ever have to think or worry about what's going on with your website.

    We want our clients to be able to focus on improving their business, not worrying about their website, constantly having to check on things or chase people up to get things sorted out.

    We take care of email and website setup, migration and long term maintenance. Once everything is set up and ready to go, you can look forward to a problem free service.

  • How does good web hosting help my business?

    Two words. SEO, Users.

    Google now penalises sites that load too slowly. It's not the most important ranking factor but it could be just enough to help you rank higher in the search engines. So, the faster your site loads, the better.

    If your site attracts a high number of international users, it's really important to invest in good web hosting that includes a Content Delivery Network, just like ours does. This ensures that no matter what country your user is based in, they load the site just as quickly as local users.

  • What's wrong with £3.99 per month hosting?

    The service, the support and the speed.

    The only time you should ever use cheap hosting is when the website holds no value to your business and you wouldn't bat an eyelid if it disappeared and could never get it back. In 2017, that kind of attitude isn't likely to be helping your business in any way.

    Here's an idea of the very worst that can happen with cheap, low end web hosting:

    • Dealing with support agents that have no technical knowledge, who don't share the same first language.
    • Losing your entire website or all of the big you recently made, because backups weren't handled very well.
    • Loosing ranking in the search engines for having a site that loads too slowly.
    • Increasing the chances of having your site hacked.
    • Having your site blacklisted from all major search engines because it's hacked.
    • Having any email addresses tied to your domain name blacklisted and being unable to send any emails to clients or contacts because your site was hacked and used to send unimaginable amounts of spam all over the world.
    • Realising that you spend up to one whole day every week dealing with website or hosting related issues.
    • Being forced to pay a lot of money to hire someone to resolve the situation.

    It may sound extreme, these are the absolute worst things that can happen, but they only need to happen once in a businesses lifetime to sink it or at the very least make life difficult. If you think we're making this up get in touch and we'll happily share some of the horror stories our clients have been through.

  • Do we have to host with you?

    No, but it will be easier for everyone involved.

    There are so many things that can stop your website from working properly. By having us handle your web design project and web hosting, we can make sure that your website works perfectly with the server its going to be hosted on. This, along with everything else we do, helps us deliver a completely hassle free experience to our clients.

    If you want to host your website elsewhere then that's fine. We are happy to provide recommendations and help however possible. We'll give you the files for your new website but it will be up to your hosting provider to make sure it's setup and working properly.

  • Can't we just do it ourselves?

    You can, but why would you want to?

    We believe that business owners should focus their efforts on important tasks, where they can really help push the company forward. Would you rather spend four hours winning a lucrative new project or tinker around with your website, sorting out email problems and restoring backups when things go wrong?

    Time is one of the most valuable commodities to business owners, the more of it you free up, the more you can focus on achieving great things with your business and the people you work with.

    When (not if) something does go wrong, would you rather have to put all of your plans on hold and spend hours trying to resolve the issues yourself (hopefully your site isn't an e-commerce store that's now losing sales), potentially making the problems worse, or have someone on hand who can save the day?

  • How easy is it to leave if we don't like your service?

    We will never make it difficult for clients to leave us.

    If a client wants to leave us, it's most likely because we've done something wrong - so why should our clients have to suffer for that? If you want to leave us, we'll do everything we can to help make the transition as painless as possible.

    In over five years we've never had a client move their website to another provider, so we're confident that this won't be an issue you'll ever need to consider.

  • How do we get in touch if something goes wrong?

    Phone, email, text message, Skype, it's entirely up to you.

    Running a managed service means having someone there to talk to when you need them. Not in a few days or weeks. However you prefer to contact us, we'll be on hand to help.

    The reason why we can be so relaxed about handling support is that most of the time, especially where we have built the clients website, there are simply no issues to deal with. But, whether your site gets hacked, you accidentally break the website, just have a few questions or need to talk to us about something else, we'll be ready and waiting.

  • Will my site be taken offline if we exceed any limits?

    Absolutely not.

    The only time your site gets turned off is if you stop paying your invoices. For all of our WordPress managed hosting plans, the only limits are for how many visits your site receives each month.

    Because we

  • Do you provide email and DNS hosting?

    We certainly do.

    Our email hosting is separate from our web hosting. By keeping the two apart, if one system is compromised or goes down, you don't have to worry about losing everything. For example even if your website is hacked, you'll know that your emails are still safe, secure and most importantly working.

    When it comes to DNS hosting, we create a new account for our clients to register any domain names. We then point them towards our DNS hosting and control it centrally. We do this so that our clients don't have to worry about being held hostage over their domain names. We have a whole suite of speed, security and other site and domain enhancements that can be applied - you get a lot out of it and it can help with your SEO.

  • Can you handle hosting for larger websites and businesses?

    Yes, but only those built on WordPress. For now.

    We specialise in building WordPress websites, so it makes sense for us to specialise in providing web hosting that gets the most out of the WordPress platform. Our hosting partner, WP Engine, provide one of the best hosting platforms in the world to over 50,000 customers. They host some of the biggest names and boast an array of speed, security and management features that you won't find elsewhere.

    WP Engine provide the hardware, we provide the service through our fully managed hosting plans. We take care of everything setting up new email infrastructure, migrating the old data and providing any necessary training. You don't ever need to worry about your site being switched off and we're always on hand if you need help.

  • Can we get a free trial?

    Yes you can!

    We are so confident about the level of service we provide that we are more than happy to migrate your current websites, or build you a new one , get you completely set up and give you one month of hosting absolutely free.

    Take a look at our hosting plans think about what level of service you need or just get in touch and we can help you figure it all out.

  • How we Handle Payment

  • When do you expect payment, what's the process?

    Before the project starts, a deposit must be paid, which is usually 25 or 33% depending on the size of your project.

    We structure payments around milestones that represent a significant point of achievement. This could be the creation of a new logo, to be followed by the completion of marketing materials. It could be the signing off of content, SEO goals, visual styles and feature requirements for a new website, to be followed by full implementation of everything.

    Once a milestone is complete, payment is due before we can begin working on the next milestone. Projects are typically broken down into 3 or 4 payments, so you don't need to worry about having to pay a huge amount straight away.

  • Your prices are too high for me

    That's unfortunate, we might still be able to help.

    Our mission is to really help businesses and that means working with them to deliver results and help them achieve their targets. We're not just about building websites that look nice. We need to be able to invest enough time into your project to be able make sure you see the results you want.

    There's a difference between not being able to afford our services and not wanting to invest in your online presence. If it's just a money thing, give us a call, talk to us about your situation and we'll see what we can do.

  • Do you offer discounts to non profits or good causes?

    Yes, we do.

    We're very passionate about giving back to our local community and helping people that want to do good things. Whether you're fighting locally, nationally or even internationally then we'd love to discuss how we can help.

    In all honesty, we've had several bad experiences working with charitable organisations in the past so we'll need to have a chat with you and find out how you run things.

    Things don't tend to work out when organisations are unable to invest enough time into the projects they want, decision makers are unwilling to embrace modern (more efficient) practices or run the charity in a self sustaining way and everything you try and do is wrapped up in a web of bureaucracy. If this sounds like your organisation, we can help, but we're not interested in donating time to a lost cause.