Graphic Design & Branding for David Roylance

We met David at a networking event in London, we discussed how he wanted to launch a new personal brand and create a range of materials to support business growth. He needed to appeal to both larger and smaller client types with a strong and corporate feel to his brand. We got started on the project the very next day.

Graphic Design Worthing Project Introduction - Logo

The brand needs to feel strong and authoritative

We need to take and utilise good photography

The website must reflect the brand and be search engine optimised

Graphic Design Worthing - Stationery

Corporate Branding & Identity

We discussed, in great detail,the brand requirements and what needed to be achieved. There were two very specific targets, the corporate world and small/medium enterprises. This required a brand that would be strong enough to entice the large corporate clients and smaller companies or sole traders without either dismissing David as an viable partner early on based on assumptions of cost. The second challenge was then to create something that would show David in the same light as the current industry leaders.

It was made clear to us from the start that he wanted to convey a sense of professionalism and approachability, because of this he felt it best to incorporate himself directly into the brand. After conducting competitor research we knew what visual styles had already been done, so we knew what to avoid. Our plan was to use a monochrome theme with a single accent colour, which would work well with the photography we wanted to use.

Graphic Design Worthing - Logo Design
Graphic Design Worthing - Business Cards

Corporate Branding & Identity

We developed a number of logo concepts, each with their own unique typefaces, layouts, accents and positioning. At this stage, the goal isn’t to decide on the best overall design, but to consider each individual element of the logo, (such as font, colour, contrast, shape and more), which allows us to approach a final concept that the client will love and, just as importantly, fulfil the requirements laid out in the brief.

The next phase of this branding project was to capture a new photo of David, one that would reflect the values of the brand and maintain the style that had been developed. David was keen to use himself, literally, as the face of his own brand because he believed that it would make the brand feel more personal and allow people to more easily recognise him. We organised a small photography session and spent some time working through different poses, facial expressions and moods because it was important to get it right, for the brand’s sake.

Graphic Design Worthing - Letterhead & Envelope
Graphic Design Worthing - Letterhead & Business Cards
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