Web Design & Branding for Seahaven Dance

Seahaven Dance needed an edge over the rival dance schools in their area. They needed a new logo and a brand new website that reflected their status. This was a new area of design for us, but we were excited to take up the challenge. We set out to research as many dance related brands as we could find, and of course scope out the local competition to make sure that we could deliver a truly unique brand.

Web Design Worthing Project Introduction - Logo

Web Design Worthing Project Introduction - Dancers on stage

The website design should stand out and be unique

Our logo needs to look elegant and considered

Web Design Worthing - Home Page Design

Creative and Stylish Web Design

Seahaven Dance was already one of the best schools in the area and they were keen to maintain and expand on this position. The key here was to ensure that their new logo and website really made them stand out from the other dance schools. We were excited about starting this project because of the type of design work involved, and enjoyed developing a number of concepts for their new website. Eventually we decided to run with the idea of using a dance stage for the main section of their website, no other sites were doing anything similar which made it even more interesting. It just seemed to be a fun but very practical idea and our clients were happy to explore this direction.

Web Design Worthing - Web Lightbox Design

Brand Mark Creation

Working on the design of their logo really made us think about how to create a strong, elegant style that wasn’t easily over powered by other design elements. What we came up with was a tiara inspired design that surrounded a bold typeface. The result was to everyone’s liking and looked great printed on the back of various different colours of hooded jumpers.

Web Design Worthing - Logo Design
Web Design Worthing - Dancers Photography
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